Home Leaving News

5 thoughts on “Home Leaving News”

  1. Hi Miss Hoggy,
    Congratulations on landing a teaching job in beautiful Buyeo. Do you know whether you will be teaching in a middle or an elementary school?
    My guess is that you will be required to arrive in Korea for orientation starting August 21 and finishing on August 30. We hope to see you before we leave Buyeo on August 31.
    Congrats again.


    1. Hey Bob!
      Yeah, I was told that I’ll be teaching in certain school called Seokseong Middle School. I don’t have any more details than that. I hope to see you all then.


      1. Hi again Miss Hoggy,
        Have you been told when they expect you to arrive in Korea?
        Also, did you ask CNOE to post you to a middle school or you left that open for them to decide on either a middle or elementary school?



      2. Hi Bob,
        I was told that my position was an ASAP start, but I haven’t been told of when I was expected to arrive. I’m still waiting to hear from CNOE for my definite starting date.
        Regarding the postings, CNOE did ask me about my preference but I’ve left it up to them to decide.

        Yeah, I’m still waiting some, and that would directly affect my other travel plans as well. So I’sm just a bit antsy at the moment.


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