The Real Jackpot of Macau

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”- English idiom

Had no idea what to expect when I boarded the ferry to Macau from Central Hong Kong. All I ever heard is it is the Vegas of Asia, where everything is fuelled by the greed of gambling. I was also advised that Macau is only worth a day trip, unless you like casinos. How wrong were they!
Macau maybe known for gamblers for losing their whole pot on the Black Jack table, but what I found was jackpots of goodness! Chilli goodness! Or dessert goodness! Or.. Who cares, but there is definitely more to Macau than what I’ve been told.

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Hong Kong: All You Need is a Willing Tummy and Patience

It was in the middle of summer when I arrived in Hong Kong. There was this soggy feeling, as every pores in my body was oozing sweat, even in the nicely air-conditioned double-decker bus. Finally after years of dreaming, my feet were on solid dim-sum ground. You do not have to be a fortune teller to find out that this is going to another gourmand post. Mate, you are in Hong Kong after all.

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Name Change

Dear Memory Hoggers, As Misshoggy has settled down in a new city, with a certain big day coming up, she no longer leaves home that much often any more. As she is reminiscing and hogging memories, When Miss Hoggy Leaves Home is now Misshoggy: A Memory Hogger   Continue reading Name Change

The Monkey Business about Wheelchair Travelling

It was physically difficult, adjusting to wheelchair life, but I remember a great relief and happiness that I was finally getting somewhere – Robert Wyatt, musician

(Retrospective, 2014)

When you have had your foot broken, being operated on and plastered exactly five days before your very well-planned winter vacation, you would begin to wonder: Why did I bother planning again? Would I trip over my crutches and break a bone again?  How would I get to the airport? And the most important question: How am I going to travel? Maybe I should just go ahead and cancel everything.

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Long Time No See

“I told my doctor that I broke my legs in two places. He told me to quit going to those places” – Henry Youngman

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