Busan: The Misunderstood City (Part 2)

“I’m a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths.”- Dominic Monaghan, actor.

Continuing into our journey of breaking the myth of Busan being the land of gangsters and the uncultured, my journey into the southern city was more than surprising, it was enlightening. Shall we? Continue reading “Busan: The Misunderstood City (Part 2)”

Busan: The Misunderstood City (Part 1)

“To be great is to be misunderstood.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Busan, your accent has been the benchmark of any feared gangsters, your people mistaken as unsophisticated countryside peasants and your cuisine is supposed to consist only of seafood. Do not worry, being misunderstood is just a path to greatness. And you are a great city, Busan. Shall we explore and untangle these misunderstandings?

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