Fickle Love

Me: Hello. Why are you all here? Did something happen? 8th grade girl: Yes, Teacher. There is a handsome man, carrying bricks. As we spoke, the handsome man walked by us. Twenty 8th Grade girls: (Screaming) Saranghae!!!! Translation: I love you!! *Sigh* Young girls and Handsome Man. Translation: Fickle Love Continue reading Fickle Love

Buyeo and her Lakes of Lotus

“The lotus is a lady”- Kim Sujang

After all the trouble Misshoggy went through to get to Buyeo, she was beginning to wonder: “Was it worth it?” But what awaits her in Buyeo, her home for the next 12 months unravels quite beautifully, like the local famous lady, the lotus. Buyeo, the former capital of the artsy Buddhist Kingdom of Baekje, may not look like much on the outside, but does have the charm to make you want to find out more about her inner beauty.  Continue reading “Buyeo and her Lakes of Lotus”