The Straight (Talk) of Melaka

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”- Jean Racine

As a kid growing up on the Borneo side of Malaysia, Melaka was stuff of legends. The Sultanate and legendary heroes were definitely the crux of any Malaysian history. The famed city of red buildings was supposed to be enthralling, like a step back into the glory of yesteryear.  However, anyone’s a fool to believe a city wouldn’t change with times, without reflection of the present. Continue reading “The Straight (Talk) of Melaka”

Buyeo and her Lakes of Lotus

“The lotus is a lady”- Kim Sujang

After all the trouble Misshoggy went through to get to Buyeo, she was beginning to wonder: “Was it worth it?” But what awaits her in Buyeo, her home for the next 12 months unravels quite beautifully, like the local famous lady, the lotus. Buyeo, the former capital of the artsy Buddhist Kingdom of Baekje, may not look like much on the outside, but does have the charm to make you want to find out more about her inner beauty.  Continue reading “Buyeo and her Lakes of Lotus”

Beating the Travel Bug at Home Soil

“I am home!! What’s next? – Miss Hoggy

Avioleavitis, more commonly known as “The Travel Bug”, is an infectious disease of university students on gap year, new university graduates, retirees or just anyone who’s on their quarter and mid-life crisis. Once infected, the bug stays in your body for life. Travelling is known to relieve symptoms temporarily, however, no permanent cure has yet to be found. Continue reading “Beating the Travel Bug at Home Soil”

Leaving the Home of My Forefather’s, Borneo

“The swans, in discouragement, have migrated
from the poisonous lakes this evening,” – Siamanto, Prayer

Sorry for the interruption of the Armenia series, but hearing this specific news, relieved that it was exposed, however shamed of her inability to protect, Miss Hoggy was reminded of why she left the home of her grandfather’s, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Continue reading “Leaving the Home of My Forefather’s, Borneo”