The Pilgrimage

┬áPilgrimage n. – any journey taken by a person to a sacred place for religious reasons – The Concise Oxford Dictionary

It was already decided that when we do make that journey to the East, that we would do a wine pilgrimage. And how can we not? We’re in Kakheti, the mecca of Georgian wine, where people here are said to have endless barrels of wine in their cellars. It’s probably not true, but we like to think so. After all, since Miss Hoggy and friend’s arrival in Signaghi, that’s all we’ve been thinking: “Is the wine in Kakheti much better than the ones in the West?” Curious? Come and be a pilgrim yourself.

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To Sighnaghi With Love

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” – the Bible

There is the one word, the one emotion, the one feeling that spurs the momentous moments of our lives: love. You, being here reading Miss Hoggy is because you were made out of love (well, at the time). But the name of love is a money churner, too. Look at all the romance novels of this world. How did Mills and Boons ever survive without the romance? Look at all the chick flicks of this world. Who among us, even the self-proclaimed haters (I know you’re out there), wouldn’t swoon to a heart tugging love story played on screen? And why is Valentine’s Day such a hyped up commotion? It’s all in the name of love.

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