Chicken Rice, Miss Hoggy Georgian Style – Prologue

So after a certain trip the week before, here is Miss Hoggy, finds herself craving (not like super craving, just a normal craving) for some home cook Chinese meals. Thus, she finally broke open her Asian Instant Noodles stash and cook them to kind of satisfy the inner Chinese-meal craving. But it wasn’t enough. Sorry, MSG and powder flavouring. What can she do then? Continue reading “Chicken Rice, Miss Hoggy Georgian Style – Prologue”

Subject: Footy

Student: “Teacher, do you play Australian football?” Me: “What do you know about Australian football?” Student: “Teacher, Australian football has got handball, marking and lots of fighting. I like.” My 10th grader’s definition of Aussie Rules Football. Am surprised to know that someone in Georgia knows Footy, with handball and marking in all of its … Continue reading Subject: Footy