Georgian 101

Now, you’ve just arrived in the Republic of Georgia, what’s next? How do get out of this airport you might ask? Would anyone be speaking English at all? Would I be bridenapped or guys, groomnapped? Why? It can be a legitimate concern, if you’re an attractive foreigner…

Okay, Miss Hoggy was just messing with you. But whatever worries you might have of moving around in Georgia, lay it down, because this is Georgian 101, the manual to marshrutka and wine drinking. Continue reading “Georgian 101”

Communication the Georgian, aka Qartuli (ქართული), Way

After being SUPER side-tracked by the very sought-after dictionary, Miss Hoggy, is now trying to help you with some basic Georgian (Qartuli) lesson, with the very little that she has learnt, so you won’t get lost or get cold from sleeping on the streets and miss out on this wonderful country.

Continue reading “Communication the Georgian, aka Qartuli (ქართული), Way”