Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 1)

“The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last moment.” 
― Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days

The chance of travelling all seemed  lost when Miss Hoggy arrived home. Determined to fight the Avioleavitis bug, ever the wanderlust, she decided to pack up again, towing some friends along, and went on a small road trip. All road trip needed a guideline: budget, destination, attraction. But none were more important than the Asian’s favourite: FOOD. And Melbourne CBD, a melting pot of culture, is a good start to explore all things food.

One thing that she did miss overseas was the burning taste of chilli, in its variation. So it’s no wonder that her first few days of this road trip were intensely hot. Literally.

Warning: Flamingly delicious food to follow. Continue reading “Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 1)”

My Favourite Things

Interested to learn more of my favourite things? Here goes every of my favourite things.

What I love about Melbourne? Hmm…. the food culture (hmm sounds promising), the parks, the theatre, and the people. This is my top five favourites, very concise, if not I’ll go on and on and on. Continue reading “My Favourite Things”