The Impossible Line: 38th Parallel

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”
― Bertrand Russell

Being in South Korea, there’s no room for Miss Hoggy to imagine that this country is actually half of a full circle, especially here in Seoul. The subway system is awesome and affordable. The different districts here have their own personality and quirks. Last but not least, the street shopping here is fantastic and plentiful. However, the youthful faces, donned in military gears, who travelled with her on the subway, roamed around the different districts hanging with their mates, and shopping around for gifts to their love ones on their visit home, reminded her that this country is in fact not complete, separated by the impossible line, 38th Parallel.

And that’s where she went: a tour to the perilous line that divides the Korean Peninsula. Continue reading “The Impossible Line: 38th Parallel”