Yerevan, the Number 13, and Being Chinese.

“A sacred kiss beneath the sky, the open ether deep.
That which the wind, the atmosphere, the waters bear away
Is the Ideal—the lullaby sung to the soul asleep”- Madame Sybil, The Ideal

Translated by Alice Stone Blackwell.

Miss Hoggy has been quite morbid lately, hasn’t she? Nothing was as rosy as she would’ve like. It was the same morbid Miss Hoggy, prior to Yerevan for given the early boot, for being cold, and missing Chinese food (again, I know). It wasn’t ideal. Nothing in life can ever go your way. But she has to find ways around it, find ways to alleviate that morbidity. Hopefully the 13th capital of Armenia would do the trick. Not that the number 13 has any unideal connotation. Continue reading “Yerevan, the Number 13, and Being Chinese.”

Leaving the Home of My Forefather’s, Borneo

“The swans, in discouragement, have migrated
from the poisonous lakes this evening,” – Siamanto, Prayer

Sorry for the interruption of the Armenia series, but hearing this specific news, relieved that it was exposed, however shamed of her inability to protect, Miss Hoggy was reminded of why she left the home of her grandfather’s, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Continue reading “Leaving the Home of My Forefather’s, Borneo”

My Tears

 I was alone with my pure-winged dream in the valleys my sires had trod;

My steps were light as the fair gazelle’s, and my heart with joy was thrilled;

I ran, all drunk with the deep blue sky, with the light of the glorious days;

Mine eyes were filled with gold and hopes, my soul with the gods was filled.

Continue reading “My Tears”

A True Travel

“The most magnificant poem hasn’t been written yet The most beautiful song hasn’t been sung yet The most glorious day hasn’t been lived yet The most immence sea hasn’t been pioneered yet The most prolonged travel hasn’t been done yet. The immortal dance hasn’t been performed yet The most shine star hasn’t been discovered yet When we don’t know any more what we are supposed to do It’s the time whe … Continue reading A True Travel