Batumi Understands

“It is a luxury to be understood.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As Miss Hoggy is trying to make her mark here as an English teacher, one of the biggest obstacle, in her opinion, is her Asian features. Being in a curious beautiful country has its perks, but to always have to answer that you’re more than a Chinese, kind of gets tiring; because it’s just difficult to explain that you’re a naturalised Australian, Malaysian by birth to parents with Chinese background, in Qartuli. When it all seemed impossible to be understood in Georgia, Batumi happened. Continue reading “Batumi Understands”

Communication the Georgian, aka Qartuli (ქართული), Way

After being SUPER side-tracked by the very sought-after dictionary, Miss Hoggy, is now trying to help you with some basic Georgian (Qartuli) lesson, with the very little that she has learnt, so you won’t get lost or get cold from sleeping on the streets and miss out on this wonderful country.

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