Just a Tour Around Raleigh

Miss Hoggy is a museum buff. In any city she goes to, museum has to be on the itinerary. In her opinion, it’s the best way to learn the story of a city, especially when time isn’t quite your best friend. So on my tour around Raleigh, the leafy city of oak with old southern houses with their pillars and decorative window shutters, I was given a platter of museums. Oh of course, along with a platter of yummy Southern food.

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A Lesson about Biscuits

After a hectic week of leaving home preparations and a final travel plan change to my US trip, I finally get to let my pretty head rest on this short American leg. Or so I thought. Upon arriving in Raleigh, in southern state of North Carolina, I was enlightened with more than just a lesson on interpreting Fahrenheit, Gallon and Pounds. I was enlightened with a lesson about Biscuits and the Southern cuisine.

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