One Year On: Celebrating it in Beaufort

When Miss Hoggy Leaves Home has turned ONE!! My very first post was just a mere sentence though, and Miss Hoggy was just my dreaming alter-ego. Then, I was only dreaming of collecting stories from every part of this world. Despite the fact that I’ve started, I’m hardly a tenth there yet.  Regardless,  I took the chance to celebrate Miss Hoggy’s one-year-old earlier last week by soaking up the summer sun in Beaufort and the beautiful shoreline of North Carolina.

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Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 4)- FINALE

“Reality is wrong.” – Tupac Shakur

And that was what our dearest travel bug love to tell us, coming on a home stretch of an adventure. Reality is, every road trip has an end, despite what we wished it to be: an endless dream. Misshoggy is coming home, and to let that sink in, she’ll need a drink. Actually more than a drink. The important question is: what are you drinking?  Continue reading “Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 4)- FINALE”

Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 3)

” A daydream is an evasion” – Thomas Merton

It was a daydream, a reverie that Miss Hoggy could only do to escape the mountain of work stacked in front of her. Assignments, deadlines, household chores… it’s no surprise that the travel bug hit her in her moment of stationary. All she has left is reliving the moments of her leaving the camp site of Aire River East, on towards to the pampering capital of Victoria: Daylesford/Hepburn Spring. Yeah, it was nice.

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Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 1)

“The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last moment.” 
― Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days

The chance of travelling all seemed  lost when Miss Hoggy arrived home. Determined to fight the Avioleavitis bug, ever the wanderlust, she decided to pack up again, towing some friends along, and went on a small road trip. All road trip needed a guideline: budget, destination, attraction. But none were more important than the Asian’s favourite: FOOD. And Melbourne CBD, a melting pot of culture, is a good start to explore all things food.

One thing that she did miss overseas was the burning taste of chilli, in its variation. So it’s no wonder that her first few days of this road trip were intensely hot. Literally.

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