The Seoul of the Future: Yongsan-gu

“Whatever happens today will change future events. Create its own time line, its own reality. The future pivots around you, here, now” – The Doctor, Doctor Who (2005).

Anything regarding the future, listen to the best in the time travelling business. Yeap, The Doctor. Wait, this is supposed to be about Seoul and her future prospects, why am I quoting the Doctor? Well, there was one thing he knows best about one’s future: it happens today. Then, why Yongsan-gu? Why are we not using Songdo of the ambitious Korean Future City project? If not, what about the iconic Gangnam-gu, the historical economy turning point for this country? Why Yongsan-gu?

Well because Itaewon, the most un-Korean part of the nation is here.

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The Seoul of the Present: Mapo-gu (Western Seoul)

What really defines Korean of the Modern era? K-pop? K-drama? Korean barbeque?

As we all scratch our heads over it, maybe this little tour around the top arts university in Korea might be able to give you a little quirky hints to the Seoul of the Present.

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The Seoul of the Past: Jongno-gu.

The historical capital of the Joseon Dynasty -505 years.

The capital of unattainable modern dream of the Korean Empire- 13 years.

The renamed capital as Keijo during Japanese rule- 35 years.

The heavily damaged capital during the Korean War -3 years.

The transformed global hub of North East Asia -60 years.

To build something out of nothing in 60 years is nothing but hard work. To rebuild a city from nothing to her former glory is nothing but a miracle.

This is Seoul, a city of the past and present, of the old and new,  co-existing, much like  yin and yang.

This is the first of my posts on my travels in Seoul, in historical district of Jongno-gu.

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