Just a Tour Around Raleigh

Miss Hoggy is a museum buff. In any city she goes to, museum has to be on the itinerary. In her opinion, it’s the best way to learn the story of a city, especially when time isn’t quite your best friend. So on my tour around Raleigh, the leafy city of oak with old southern houses with their pillars and decorative window shutters, I was given a platter of museums. Oh of course, along with a platter of yummy Southern food.

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One Year On: Celebrating it in Beaufort

When Miss Hoggy Leaves Home has turned ONE!! My very first post was just a mere sentence though, and Miss Hoggy was just my dreaming alter-ego. Then, I was only dreaming of collecting stories from every part of this world. Despite the fact that I’ve started, I’m hardly a tenth there yet.  Regardless,  I took the chance to celebrate Miss Hoggy’s one-year-old earlier last week by soaking up the summer sun in Beaufort and the beautiful shoreline of North Carolina.

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A Lesson about Biscuits

After a hectic week of leaving home preparations and a final travel plan change to my US trip, I finally get to let my pretty head rest on this short American leg. Or so I thought. Upon arriving in Raleigh, in southern state of North Carolina, I was enlightened with more than just a lesson on interpreting Fahrenheit, Gallon and Pounds. I was enlightened with a lesson about Biscuits and the Southern cuisine.

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Home Leaving News

Since her last road trip around Victoria, Miss Hoggy has awkwardly left no news of her whereabouts to the outside world for the last four weeks. Did the alcohol consumption in Healesville got her into trouble? Or did the domestic road trip failed to cure THE travel bug, and now remained of a husk of a dreamer? What really happened?

What really happened was…

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