Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 4)- FINALE

“Reality is wrong.” – Tupac Shakur

And that was what our dearest travel bug love to tell us, coming on a home stretch of an adventure. Reality is, every road trip has an end, despite what we wished it to be: an endless dream. Misshoggy is coming home, and to let that sink in, she’ll need a drink. Actually more than a drink. The important question is: what are you drinking?  Continue reading “Around Victoria in 10 days (Part 4)- FINALE”

The Pilgrimage

 Pilgrimage n. – any journey taken by a person to a sacred place for religious reasons – The Concise Oxford Dictionary

It was already decided that when we do make that journey to the East, that we would do a wine pilgrimage. And how can we not? We’re in Kakheti, the mecca of Georgian wine, where people here are said to have endless barrels of wine in their cellars. It’s probably not true, but we like to think so. After all, since Miss Hoggy and friend’s arrival in Signaghi, that’s all we’ve been thinking: “Is the wine in Kakheti much better than the ones in the West?” Curious? Come and be a pilgrim yourself.

Continue reading “The Pilgrimage”

Georgian 101

Now, you’ve just arrived in the Republic of Georgia, what’s next? How do get out of this airport you might ask? Would anyone be speaking English at all? Would I be bridenapped or guys, groomnapped? Why? It can be a legitimate concern, if you’re an attractive foreigner…

Okay, Miss Hoggy was just messing with you. But whatever worries you might have of moving around in Georgia, lay it down, because this is Georgian 101, the manual to marshrutka and wine drinking. Continue reading “Georgian 101”

The Antiquated One, Mtskheta

“Every artist was first an amateur.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

How do you describe something of age, seasoned and experienced? As Miss Hoggy visits one of the most antiquated cities of Georgia, one does ponder how one’s age is defined, without using the obvious word of ‘O’. Is it the greatness? Is it the history? Is it the significance? Or just simply where it all began? Like the Emerson’s quote, as every artist was first an amateur, a city was one too. Welcome to the antiquated one, Mtskheta. Continue reading “The Antiquated One, Mtskheta”